Truth: Patterns are to heels what personalities are to people. Ms. Independent. Ms. Woman’s Woman. Mrs. Homemaker. Ms Busybody. Ms. Standing with her arms crossed over her chest looking at you like an insect because you did something stupid. Ahem. *cough. *cough. All these women share one distinct trait in their personalities-they are all unique, different from one another.

In the same way, a good pattern always makes the difference; always sets a heel apart.



Our vision has always been and will always be to be the leading global African footwear designer and distributor of authentic heels that lets users experience the beauty, the diversity and culture of the continent and the African woman. We express this through our shoes, the fabric and patterns of which are based on the women that the shoes epitomize, and the cultures and communities to which they belong. Our heels are craaaazy different. They are full of color and expression and joy, wearable pieces of art that convey, we hope, the uniqueness of women on the continent in ways words could never sufficiently describe.



This is why we have 27 designs for our collection of 8 different styles. YOU ARE UNIQUE AND OUR SHOES ARE DESIGNED TO SET YOU APART. This is best illustrated in the Ainebyona, the newest addition to our family, which comes in three unique and fantabulous pattern combinations. The Ainebyona marks a creative milestone for all of us. We’ve never made a shoe quite like this one before. Look for yourselves.



The Ainebyona is passionate and smart. She is a trailblazer and a go getter. Inspired by Hilda Ainebyona Kabushenga; she exemplifies the traits of uniqueness, simplicity, and diversity that influenced our decision to go with a zebra hide/Shuka fabric for one of the designs that creates an effect that still makes us stop for a minute and think ‘Wow. How did we pull that one off?’

Our choice of a zebra hide/Shuka print, although a combination of two very different patterns and designs, was influenced by our desire to find fabrics whose symbolic traits matched those of our inspiration, Hilda Ainebyona Kabushenga. The Zebra is one of Africa’s most unique, well known animals, found in almost every corner of the continent, which illustrates perfectly Hilda’s own journeys throughout Africa. We thought that it would be super-super appropriate that one of our heels would be inspired by someone so well-traveled. The Shuka; the unofficial national blanket or fabric of Kenya, a country we hold close to our hearts because that is where we started our journey; takes this theme even further. We wanted a design that is steeped in years of tradition yet evolving in such a way that it is still something absolutely essential to so many people’s lives in Kenya today. The Shuka is a lot like the African women we admire-Hilda, after all, is able to look so confidently into the future due to a strong foundation set in the past.

We’d like to think of this little design of the Ainebyona as Little Miss Experimental. She likes to explore, to see the world. She isn’t afraid to try new things, crazy combinations and variations. She’s unafraid of who she is and what she represents. She’s different, that’s true. She knows and understands this, makes no excuses for it. She always growing, becoming more than just one thing. Hilda has what they call a killer personality.

We think that that’s kind of amazing because she helped inspire a killer heel.


Always Moving Women




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