They say that perfection is something you can never consciously achieve. Part of that is probably a result of the fact that every person has their own definitions of what perfection is. It could mean getting every angle or challenge correct, as quickly and as simply as possible. To others, it could mean joy, happiness and pleasure. Either way, it’s really all in the eyes of the beholder.

But there are certain definitions of perfection that we all share, that one thing most of us can all point to and say ‘that there is the ish.’

It’s 2016 (New Year, New Energy) and Buqisi-Ruux is still doing it, moving it-sharing a little piece of Africa with the world through our unique African print heels dedicated to the single ‘Hell-Yes-Inducing’ purpose of uplifting every aspect of the African woman. We’re talking about beauty, intelligence, passion, strength, diversity and compassion. The curtains open and the choir sings: WE DON’T JUST WANT YOU TO LOOK GREAT, WE WANT YOU TO BE GREAT!



So, what makes a woman great- what, dare we say it, characterizes the perfect woman?

We like to think that each heel we make is a unit of perfection, born from an unruly, often times chaotic, mixture of dedication, creativity and collaboration. The closest, nearest thing to perfection, for us, is a pair of our heels.



Defining why we think our heels are perfect incidentally makes it easier for us to give you our thoughts on what makes a great woman great.

Here we go, our Anatomy of Perfection.


The key word we like to attach to our heels is ‘unique’. We’d like to think that you won’t find a pair of heels like ours anywhere in the world. Each shoe in our collection comes in different versions because we understand that in order to really step up, you need to stand out.

In much the same way, great women aren’t afraid to walk their own path. Their unique perspective means that they bring something new to the table which often times makes the difference between success and failure.




We love our heels so much because we love making them. From their conception up until you slide them onto your feet, we take great care to ensure that every step is meticulously taken. All the hard work and dedication pays off every time somebody describes our heels as ‘wearable pieces of art.’

And that’s the thing with great women, they love what they do. They can weather any storm and put out any fire simply because they are persistent in achieving their goals.




In order for our shoes to be wearable pieces of art, we need to ensure quality. This is a natural consequence of passion. We want our shoes to make you look great and for that to happen, we understand that they need to be great. To ensure this, we pay absolute attention to detail. From the purple outsole to the unique fabrics, we want you to have only the best.

An eye towards quality is also what sets great women apart. It’s not enough that they want to achieve their goals but it’s also important to them that they do so the best way they can.


There we go. It’s not the most complete list, but it is the closest to perfection we could come up with.

We’re Buqisi-Ruux, and in 2016 we’re making

Perfect heels for perfect women.


Always Moving Women


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