“Being a Comedian Means I am Judged Twice Over” #AfricanWomanOfTheWeek – Anne Kansiime

“One’s dream job is the kind of job you do without constant reminder that you are working”


Anne has won many notable awards that include:

  • AIRTEL Women of Substance Awards 2014
  • BEFFTA 2013 (Best Comedian) winner.
  • Lagos International Festival 2013 (Best Actress) winner.
  • Social Media Awards (Favorite Celebrity) winner
  • African Social Awards Malaysia (ASAM) – 2013

Anne is the fourth of six children to her mother whom she describes as “hilarious.” She has a sister that is in comedy, as well. Anne states: “I am lucky I got into comedy first so she will always be Anne’s sister. I could never have matched up to her if she had got in before me.” Although she jokes about this, Anne depicts her family as very supportive and always funny.

“I am lucky, really lucky”


Being a female comedian, Anne finds herself lucky. She notes: “there are jokes male comedians make and people crack up, yet if attempted by a woman, it is frowned upon.” This is something that Anne had to learn to live with and overcome to make it in the industry. Speaking on behalf of the industry, she also mentions: “Being a comedian means I am judged twice over, as a public figure, and a woman who makes jokes for a living.” These are very real drawbacks that Anne had to face when becoming a comedian and she is now extremely successful. #AfricanWomanOfTheWeek #CelebratingAfricanWomen

By Katelynn Rehmann, BR Blogger

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