“”Find a niche. Turn what you like into a business. Passion fuels business.” #AfricanWomanOfTheWeek – Diana Opoti

“Find a niche. Turn what you like into a business. Passion fuels business.” –Diana Opoti


Diana Opoti is a fashion media professional, blogger, founder and executive producer of television series, Designing Africa. Her current campaign is 100 Days of African Fashion, which features unique items styled by Diana in her blog. “100 Days features African designers, or brands made on the continent, by Africans living globally or specific lines inspired by Africa.” This campaign is running from mid-July through the third week of October. In addition, Diana has a communications agency called Diana Opoti PR. This is African-based, primarily in Nairobi, Kenya. She has a great deal of connections across the world and focuses on brand strategy, publicity and campaign development and management for emerging fashion brands.


What is Diana’s philosophy?

“My philosophy is simple – raise the status of African Fashion brands to Africans by telling the stories of these brands. As an agency I am focused on serving African and emerging independent international designer brands looking to enter the Kenyan market and engage with local consumers.”

Diana talks about her greatest successes being the satisfaction of her clients and knowing that they are recommending her to friends. As for future plans, Diana aspires towards building a full-fledged fashion consultancy with a research team, production team and media channels including video content for the web. She has been extremely successful thus far, crediting her success to great business mentors with an expansive future ahead.


Written By Kate Rehmann, BR Blogger




“Being a Comedian Means I am Judged Twice Over” #AfricanWomanOfTheWeek – Anne Kansiime

“One’s dream job is the kind of job you do without constant reminder that you are working”


Anne has won many notable awards that include:

  • AIRTEL Women of Substance Awards 2014
  • BEFFTA 2013 (Best Comedian) winner.
  • Lagos International Festival 2013 (Best Actress) winner.
  • Social Media Awards (Favorite Celebrity) winner
  • African Social Awards Malaysia (ASAM) – 2013

Anne is the fourth of six children to her mother whom she describes as “hilarious.” She has a sister that is in comedy, as well. Anne states: “I am lucky I got into comedy first so she will always be Anne’s sister. I could never have matched up to her if she had got in before me.” Although she jokes about this, Anne depicts her family as very supportive and always funny.

“I am lucky, really lucky”


Being a female comedian, Anne finds herself lucky. She notes: “there are jokes male comedians make and people crack up, yet if attempted by a woman, it is frowned upon.” This is something that Anne had to learn to live with and overcome to make it in the industry. Speaking on behalf of the industry, she also mentions: “Being a comedian means I am judged twice over, as a public figure, and a woman who makes jokes for a living.” These are very real drawbacks that Anne had to face when becoming a comedian and she is now extremely successful. #AfricanWomanOfTheWeek #CelebratingAfricanWomen

By Katelynn Rehmann, BR Blogger

“We Are A Global Community, And What Happens In One Region Affects The Dynamic Of Other Countries” Ange Kagame – #AfricanWomanOfTheWeek

ange kagame 1Ange Kagame became a global sensation when she accompanied her father, President Paul Kagame of Rwanda, to the White House when President Obama hosted a dinner in honor of African Heads of States. So who exactly is Ange Kagame?

At just 22 years old, Ange is a young philanthropist whose commitment to charitable works in Rwanda and Africa make her an inspiration to women all over the world. Along with her mother, Jeanette Kagame, they have founded charitable organizations, such as the Imbuto Foundation and African First Ladies against HIV/AIDS. Ange recently graduated from Smith College in Massachusetts with a major in Political Science and a minor in African studies.


She now gives back to the global community through her philanthropic works in the areas of female empowerment, education, and public health. Ange Kagame is also a strong supporter for the immunization of Rwanda and Africa from various fatal diseases. Most recently, she and her mother led a nationwide vaccination drive in Rwanda.

Ange wants to include other young adults around the world to pursue socioeconomic change and job creation within Africa. She believes young Africans need to play an active role in shaping Africa. Ange also advocates for the empowerment of African women for the better of society and addressing the issues of inequality for women. She states, “We are a global community, and what happens in one region affects the dynamic of other countries.” Ange Kagame is a young woman helping shape Africa’s future, and that is why she is our #AfricanWomanOfTheWeek

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“If You Give Yourself Permission to Dream, You Will Be Amazed At What You Can Achieve” Nana Kagga-Macpherson #AfricanWomanOfTheWeek

kagga 1Nana Kagga Macpherson is not only a wife; but also, a mother, daughter and sister. She is a very inspirational figure in all of these people’s lives, as well as in the lives of many others across the world. Nana was born in Nairobi, Kenya, but later spent most of her time growing up in Uganda. Because of this, Uganda will always, and has always, held a very special place in Nana’s heart.

Coming from a family of engineers, Nana uprooted and spent some time in the UK at the University of Birmingham to study chemical engineering. Following that, she moved to the US, where she initially spent time as a process engineer on US military contracts. Being so close to California, Nana realized that it was necessary for her to take some time off of engineering and pursue a career path that has always been of the highest interest: performing arts. With a simple ease and immense passion, Nana quickly excelled.

As years progressed, Nana racked up many highly accredited titles and names to add to her performing arts résumé. Under the stage name “Nana Hill,” she was featured in many Hollywood films, commercials, music videos, etc. Some of the movie titles include: He is not that into you, Star Trek, A Good Day to be Black and Sexy, Cowboys and Indians, and Collision. As for television, she was also featured in: LIFE, Runway Stars, Uganda’s Jam Agenda, and many others. Nana also made appearances in the play Butterflies of Uganda, and music videos for Pink, Amy Winehouse, Sting, and Lenny Kravitz.


kagga 2

Anyone can see that she has achieved success while pursuing her passions. So, the big question is Why is Nana back to working as a Petroleum Engineer? And the answer to that is she followed her heart, which lead her back home to Uganda. Although still spending some time in the UK and writing scripts along with directing and producing films, Nana wants her home to remain in Uganda. Here she has two children: one at the age of five, and the other at the age of 11 months. In an interview with Muwado, Nana explains that even with her career rising steadily in the US, she simply wanted to be home again and prefers to be behind the camera and writing the stories.

kagga 3Nana is such an inspirational figure to women of Uganda, as well as the rest of the world because she is the ultimate example of following one’s dreams. Even with a family that was pushing for an engineering job, and having spent so much time in school pursuing that career—Nana found that it was more important to give her dreams a chance. She proves that following dreams can lead to a happy and successful career path, as opposed to finding a job that appears optimal on paper. Not only that, but Nana also displays the ultimate love for her homeland. She represents Ugandan pride and staying faithful to one’s own dreams, as well as one’s country. Nana is the total package: smart; successful; loyal; a loving wife, mother, daughter, and sister; as well as a true Ugandan woman success story and inspirational #WomanoftheWeek.

“If you give yourself permission to dream, you will be amazed at what you can achieve. Impossible becomes just a word.” –Nana Kagga Macpherson

Written by Katelynn Rehmann, BR Blogger


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