Creativity Is Good For Your Sole – How We Bring Our Heels To Life

A lot of people see creativity as a phenomenon, a spark, an inspiration that strikes suddenly and mysteriously like a bolt of lightning on a dark night. It becomes this mythical thing that you either have or don’t; an energy or ability you cannot mimic, control and bottle to use as you see fit.

We don’t quite agree.

Each pair of high heel we make at Buqisi-Ruux is unique. We put in a lot of time, effort, dedication, and most importantly, creativity into our shoes. One of the more vital aspects of our business plan, our identity, why we do what we do, is our approach to how we conceptualize and create our heels.



To us, creativity is a process-a thousand or so steps taken to get our heels from an idea and onto your feet. It is a collaboration of countless people and minds, ideas and skills, challenges and critiques, all with an attention to detail and a love for what we do so that we can achieve a heel that is full of character and style.



Holding a position at the head of this beautiful, chaotic, creative process is one of our founders and inspirational creative director, Tetsi Bugaari, whose ideas give our shoes that touch of elegance and femininity that pervades so many inspiring African women. Getting the shoe from fantasy to oh-so-beautiful reality is her ball game.

The entire process starts when we select a category of women to focus on and be inspired by. It is from these women that the names, looks and identities of our shoes are derived. The Kwanza collection, our first full collection of shoes, is inspired by members of own family while the AINEBYONA, our newest shoe, is named after  Hilda Ainebyona Kabushenga; an engaging African woman who is blazing her trail, doing her thang, making her impact on our beautiful continent.



Next we research about the women we’ve selected, really get in touch with who they are and what they represent. What are their defining traits? Can we be inspired by them? This is our way of making the shoes relatable. We want our heels to have character because character is what, ultimately, makes women who they are.

From there we make a list of different shoe styles, assigning each style to a personality. Ainebyona is passionate, hard working and smart therefore we chose a shoe style that is an amalgamation-a strap heel that is both elegant and practical. You can take it to a party. You can take it to the office. It’s always been important to us that the style of our shoes always connects to the personality of the woman it is inspired by. After all, art always mimics life.



It is after this stage that we choose the fabric of the shoe, the look of its colors, our major emphasis falling on African prints and designs.  We explore the colors that shape the hometowns and the cultures of the women who inspire us, drawing from these the final flourish that sets our shoes and the women who wear them apart.



Our shoes are works of wearable art, little pieces of beauty we give to you and the world. We place an overwhelming importance on creativity, passion, beauty, and originality. You can expect nothing less from the heels that move the women who move you.


Always Moving Women


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