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Over the past few years, we’ve operated under the philosophy that we are, first and foremost, a footwear brand that celebrates African women and all they represent-diversity, vibrancy and boldness. Our shoes are more than just a fashion statement, they are wearable pieces of art; each high heel an expression of gratitude towards the women closest to us, the women who inspire and move us to be better.

For us, the string that holds Buqisi-Ruux together is family. We are all very close. We grew up together and we lived in each other’s houses. When we looked for names for each of the shoes we made it was automatic then that family would be the first source of inspiration.

Our first collection of shoes-The Kwanza collection which features the ATAMBA, the KITAMI, the MURUNGI, the SAMALI, the BARUNGI, the JBK, the KUKUNDA, and the SHONA-was inspired by members of our own family.  We wanted our shoes to represent a  diverse group of women; some young, some hip, some vibrant; women we are all intimately connected to; women we admire.



To better illustrate many of the values we esteem, each of the eight shoes in the collection represents particular qualities their inspirations possessed, qualities we believe that every woman should have.

                             ATAMBA                                  Calm & Composed

                             KITAMI                                    Sophisticated & Elegant

                             MURUNGI                               Playful & Unpredictable

                             SAMALI                                   Vibrant & Bold

                            BARUNGI                                 Edgy & Fearless

                            JBK                                           Timeless & Soulful

                           KUKUNDA                                Poised & Graceful

                           SHONA                                     Fierce & Confident



It is truly amazing that we have the opportunity; through our high quality, fashion forward, African print shoes; to move the women who move us.



And now, as 2016 looms ahead, it with particular pleasure that we announce the newest member of our shoe collection-



Go Getter, Passionate, Smart, Trail Blazer

Ainebyona is our first shoe line that takes its name, not from a member of our own family, but from someone we consider to be just as inspirational, a truly modern African woman- Hilda Ainebyona Kabushenga.

A lawyer currently working in Lagos, Nigeria, she is extremely intelligent and well traveled. She has also lived in Barcelona (Ole!) and Nairobi. Hilda Ainebyona Kabushenga is the perfect example of a new kind of African woman, one who still prioritizes family and tradition with a comprehensive view of the world. Here is a woman blazing a trail, showing us all how it’s done.

Like Hilda herself, the AINEBYONA is an easy, flexible, multi-purpose shoe. You can work it at the office; you can work it at a party. Made using three different fabric designs, the AINEBYONA continues the Kwanza collection’s emphasis on uniqueness and a connection to Africa. The first design is based on the Shuka, the blanket traditionally worn by the Masai in Kenya. The second is a print based on a black/white zebra hide which is an animal you can find anywhere on the continent, while the third is an amalgamation of the two, creating a look unlike any other you will ever see.

A new year, a new chapter, a new shoe. We are proud of the work we’ve put into the AINEBYONA, a high quality high heel made just for YOU. Find it at Bold Kampala and Kung’ara Kenya Nairobi.


Always Moving Women



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