The Secret Ingredient…

‘I know exactly what I’m going to wear tonight, and I’m not going to ask anyone’s advice, because it’s exactly what I want.’ said no woman ever.

Let’s face it; women often get a lot of bad rap for the amount of time they take choosing an outfit, so much so in fact that the image of a woman contemplating all of her clothes strewn on her bed is a beloved stereotype. We all have closets with clothes stacked from top to bottom. It’s no wonder, really, that we take forever making up our minds.

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But there is a method to all the madness, all the delays. Clothes aren’t just a way to keep warm or hide your most private bits-If that was the case then some bark cloth or a really big leaf would do. Our clothes are really an extension of ourselves, of who we are. It’s our way of showing the world, in the best way we can, what’s on the inside. Do I feel sporty? That short-sleeved bike jersey and black yoga pants will do nicely. Do I need to have my business game on point? My blazer and my pencil skirt say that I do. Dinner and drinks with my friends after a long hard week? That black lace, long sleeved cocktail dress I bought last week is just begging me for a night out on the town.

It’s all about feeling, you see. How do I feel in this moment? How am I expected to feel, and how does it add to what I’m already feeling right now? Won’t my feelings change? I don’t think I’ll feel the same way I did about something I liked three hours ago.  It’s a dance, a process like baking a cake. All the conditions have to be perfect so that you can be blown away.



But then there are moments. You have the dress. All of your friends agree that no one on this planet has ever worn that dress the way you’ve worn it today, in this moment. It looks perfect, you agree with them-you look fly. But something just isn’t right. There’s no spark. There’s no oomph. And then someone suggests you try on a particular pair of shoes.



Every cake is great. Motto of our life: Cake is great! But there’s always that one thing that separates the great cakes from the spectacular, remove-five-years-from-my-life kind of cakes. We all know what it is-The secret ingredient.

We designed our shoes to be that secret ingredient to any incredible outfit. Say you’re wearing that sexy little black dress you’ve been saving for a special occasion, but you still feel bland. Put on one of our AINEBYONA’s and suddenly you’ll have as much jewelry as an American rapper. Flava Flav would be envious.


We are women, we know what you dealing with. That’s why we created these beautiful pieces of wearable art, each one made unique to celebrate the diversity of African women. We want women across the entire continent to have a pair of shoes they can always rely on to complete their outfits and take them to the next level no matter how they are feeling and how long they take to get there.


An arsenal of secret ingredients…

Now all you have to do, ladies, is choose your outfit.













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