“We Are A Global Community, And What Happens In One Region Affects The Dynamic Of Other Countries” Ange Kagame – #AfricanWomanOfTheWeek

ange kagame 1Ange Kagame became a global sensation when she accompanied her father, President Paul Kagame of Rwanda, to the White House when President Obama hosted a dinner in honor of African Heads of States. So who exactly is Ange Kagame?

At just 22 years old, Ange is a young philanthropist whose commitment to charitable works in Rwanda and Africa make her an inspiration to women all over the world. Along with her mother, Jeanette Kagame, they have founded charitable organizations, such as the Imbuto Foundation and African First Ladies against HIV/AIDS. Ange recently graduated from Smith College in Massachusetts with a major in Political Science and a minor in African studies.


She now gives back to the global community through her philanthropic works in the areas of female empowerment, education, and public health. Ange Kagame is also a strong supporter for the immunization of Rwanda and Africa from various fatal diseases. Most recently, she and her mother led a nationwide vaccination drive in Rwanda.

Ange wants to include other young adults around the world to pursue socioeconomic change and job creation within Africa. She believes young Africans need to play an active role in shaping Africa. Ange also advocates for the empowerment of African women for the better of society and addressing the issues of inequality for women. She states, “We are a global community, and what happens in one region affects the dynamic of other countries.” Ange Kagame is a young woman helping shape Africa’s future, and that is why she is our #AfricanWomanOfTheWeek

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