New Year Resolutions are something of a tradition.

After Christmas, most of us come up with a list of things we could do better in the year to come. For many, New Year’s Resolutions are all about putting more effort into being a better person in all aspects of life. This could mean changing a bad habit or simply picking up a new one. The really beautiful thing, however, about New Year’s Resolutions is that they offer a lot of people the opportunity and the desire to actively want to be better. In order to walk on the road to greatness, you have to take that all-important first step.

January first is one of the few days where everyone agrees and believes that everything and anything is possible. When the clock strikes midnight, it’s hard to find a single moment throughout the year that is as joyful or hopeful. It is, in a sense, a lot like that first step. The thing about success in life, then, is that it’s all about maintaining that feeling, that drive to be better. In order for our New Year’s Resolutions to have any real impact, we have to be completely committed to seeing them through.



As the fireworks go boom-boom-boom, Buqisi-Ruux is bringing more of that drive into our shoes and into everything we do. Like everybody else, we have our own little list of resolutions and priorities we’ll be pushing in 2016, at the top of which is our commitment to be the African footwear brand that celebrates women in all their diversity, vibrancy and boldness. Hubba-hubba. We want wearing our African print heels to be an experience.  We’ve said it before, but we’ll sing it again for good measure: We don’t just want you to look great in our heels; we want you to be great.



We call this little list our SHOE YEAR RESOLUTIONS because we truly believe that 2016 will be the year for African designer heels, and also because we know you love shoes. Our Shoe Year Resolutions go beyond just creating beautiful and authentic heels, wearable pieces of art as we like to say, but also helping African women make an impact on the continent.

Our Shoe Year Resolutions look a little like this:

  1. To be the leading global African footwear designer and distributor of authentic heels that lets you experience the beauty and diversity of African women.
  2. To put more African women in our shoes. To find our Killa shoelines in every corner of the continent and the planet.
  3. To empower women towards success by exposing them to stories affecting women all over the world while profiling other incredible African women who are making an impact on the continent.
  4. To find an Ainebyona in Beyonce’s or Lupita N’yongo’s wardrobe. And hopefully, yours as well.

We want to wish you an amazing, absolutely incredible New Years. May 2016 offer you all you’ve looking for and more.

After we’ve all come down from however we’ve been celebrating, we’d like to invite you to take a moment to think about your Shoe Year Resolutions. If there was ever a year to make them all happen, then it’s this one. After all, anything and everything is possible on New Year’s Day.



Always Moving Women


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